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We believe Eichler would be pleased.


Joseph Eichler was a renowned architect in the 1950s and ‘60s who was known for his clean, open, mid-century modern designs. But even an architect whose work was ahead of his time could use an update in the 21st century.

That was the design-and-rebuild challenge. Keep the esthetics of Eichler but update the look, feel and function of an Eichler-designed home from the 1960s perched on a hillside in Carmel with views of the ocean. We wanted to use clean, simple lines and natural elements such as wood and to add a warmth and softness to the space…a design we call Organic Contemporary. It was enhanced with modern conveniences, while being true to Eichler’s Mid-Century Modern design elements.


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A Midcentury Modern influence at its roots.


The first goal in redesigning this 1960s mashup of architectural styles was to give it a focus. We designed a plan to remodel the single-story house in keeping with its scale, its setting, and its view-shed. Our intention was to knock down interior walls, relocate the kitchen and the two master suites, replace the roof, redesign the entrance, and bring the house back to a Midcentury Modern influence we imagined at its roots. Rough-edged travertine and neutral tones anchored the aesthetic. 

At the heart of the house, the open kitchen is faced with travertine stone walls relieved by expansive corner windows, which meet seamlessly to offer an unobstructed view of Point Lobos, Carmel Mission and the sea. The accent wall in the living room, also in travertine, creates consistency. Outside, a travertine path, flanked by stone planters, is sheltered by a modern portico, as it rolls smoothly to the front door, whose horizontal glass panes are framed in cobalt blue mahogany. This was never meant to be a classic Carmel cottage.


Hilltop in Tehama


Design is being finalized for a 9700 sq ft custom home build in Tehama to break ground by the end of 2019. Smart home, home automation, panoramic views, indoor pizza oven!