We created this guide to help clarify how we operate and to ensure your interaction with our Company is successful. We have a few ways we’ve found to help.

What you can expect from us:

  • To live up to our core values.

  • To pay you promptly.

  • To be respectful of your time and resources through smart scheduling in the field and efficient administration.

  • To be fair and honorable in all our business dealings.

  • To strive for the greatest good.

What we need from you

  • Completed Trade Partner Packet 

  • Courtesy to our clients, their neighbors, and the trade partners you work with.

  • Stand behind your product/service/installation.

  • Be experts at what you do and strive to better your professional knowledge by seeking new and better methods to build high quality homes.

  • Respect and protect the design, construction quality, and installed finishes in our homes. Clean up after any work you do, as you complete the work.

  • Maintain professionalism at all times.

  • Be efficient, plan in advance, and be punctual (respond to requests within 1 business day).

  • Communicate problems or inquiries promptly to avoid schedule delays.

Our Process

We need your bid in order for our Planning Department to estimate a projects total cost for our clients, usually before they even sign the construction contract. Accurate pricing helps us secure the job.

Things you need to know:
You will have access to the specifications and bid-set of home plans by downloading them from the bid request message you receive from us through Co-Construct.

If you need a hard-copy set of plans, please contact the Planning Department

We often contract with our clients using a fixed-price contract. This means that when you submit a price to us, it becomes part of a fixed budget and we rely on those numbers.

We require that you guarantee your price, and welcome your recommendation regarding budget contingency amounts appropriate to anticipated issues.

As our expert trade partner, it is your responsibility to review the plans and specifications. Consider the site, time of the year, and any unique needs your work require. We encourage you to ask questions and clarify your scope before submitting a proposal. We welcome your expert advice and feedback as well. Questions regarding a project-specific bid request can be sent with an email reply to the bid request email or by calling our office.

When you submit your proposal, it must contain three important pieces of information:

  • Pricing: using proper materials, following proper methods, providing all required documentation to support that your work complies with regulatory agencies.

  • Scope of Work: Be precise and explicit with the materials you are or are not providing. Describe any special tools or other unique requirements you are or are not accounting for. Give us the full picture of what you are providing for the price you are charging.

  • Timing: How long you anticipate you will need to execute the contracted scope of work. Our ability to accurately schedule your part of the project along with everyone else’s, is dependent on this being realistic.


  • Reply to the original bid request email and attach your proposal.

  • You will be notified that you have been awarded via email via Co-Construct, OR by receipt of a PO for the work or material to be provided.


  • The Design and Planning Departments issue Purchase Orders (PO’s) for all subcontractor work, materials, and supplies once authorized

  • Only work performed or material delivered under a PO from Lewis Builders is eligible for payment.

  • Do not provide materials or labor for a project without first receiving and accepting a PO via our online software, Co-Construct

  • Any questions regarding a specific PO can be asked by replying to the PO or an email to purchasing@johnlewisgroup.com


  • This is where you get to shine and show off your expertise!


When changes occur through unknown field requirements, we will request a change order proposal from you. Once approved and processed, we will issue a supplemental Purchase Order or a Change Order to your subcontract. You are not authorized to do work without a written change order from our Purchasing Department. In case of emergency, a verbal approval from Construction Operations (see the Quick Reference page) will serve as a temporary authorization, and must be followed up with a formal change order.



  • The Project Manager or Lead will sign-off, verifying satisfactory completion of all work.


  • E-Payment is fastest way to get paid, typically received 5-7 days sooner.

  • Please provide us with a voided check and we can get your bank account set up with e-pay.

  • Direct all questions regarding payment status to purchasing@johnlewisgroup.com .

  • It is absolutely inappropriate to ask Lewis Builder field employees or staff about payment.


  • We extend warranty to our clients for any work that we did, even after their official 1 year warranty.

  • We need to to warrant your work and materials, provided that they have been properly used and maintained.

  • You have no obligation for any excessive wear and tear, inappropriate use, or acts of nature of your work or materials.

  • All manufacturer’s warranty documents and manuals should be provided to LB office after your contracted work is complete.